The benefits of doombyPLUS

doombyPLUS advantages

A doombyPLUS subscription adds the following features and extensions to your free doomby account:


° Removal of advertizing

Banners and sponsored links are withdrawn from your web pages, removing a potential source of distraction and helping your website visitors focus on your content.

° 300MB of online file storage space (mpeg, mp3, xls, doc, pdf, zip etc.)

doomby plus lets your website visitors download files directly from your pages. The files are hosted on our servers, and you get 300MB of space to stock whatever you need (equivalent to 3000 pdfs, or 1000 mp3s) - compared to 10MB for the free version.

° 1GB of photo storage space (that's 1024MB, instead to 100MB with the free version)

doombyPLUS gives your 10 times the storage capacity for your website photos and image files (that's about 6600 photos).

° 2000 images in your photo album (400 for the free doomby version)

Your online photo album can contain up to 2000 images, sorted by category (5 times as many as doomby's free version).

° 400 electronic postcards (140 for the free version)

You can make an extra 260 cybercards available for your visitors to choose from.

° A members-only area

Giving you the option to restrict access to sections of your website. You can choose whether to vet registrations or not - it's up to you to decide how you want to control access. Once signed on, your site members can access their own private online chat and blog, access members-only pages and a list of other members' profiles.

° Detailed daily statistics

doombyPLUS comes with detailed graphs giving you an overview of daily page views and unique visitors for the current month.

° Additional options and settings

doombyPLUS includes a range of extra settings and optional features, such as enabling you to activate the use of smileys for your webforms, deactivate web page menus, hide update timestamps, and to sort page links by categories.

° Google AdSense

If you prefer, you can choose to retain advertizing on your website, where and how you want, whilst earning revenue through the services of Google AdSense - a great way to monetize your website and have doombyPLUS pay for itself. All you need to do is provide your Google AdSense account number.

° Credit card and PayPal sales

doombyPLUS enables access to the PayPal product editor, allowing you to incorporate an easy-to-use online store/e-commerce solution. All you need is a PayPal account, and of course there are no doomby commissions or charges.

° Banner zone editing access

Having removed the advertizing from the top of your web pages, you can edit this zone in HTML to include whatever content you'd like (your own banners, logos, text, links etc.).

° HTML side menu editing

The lower portion of the sidebar menus can also be edited in HTML to include additional content like images, text, buttons or partner banners instead of links.

° HTML top/bottom menu editing

Edit your top and/or bottom menu HTML code directly, giving you greater control over menu content and allowing you to replace text links with images (for example).

° Two daily newsletters

That's as many as 62 times as many newsletters as the free doomby version!

° Email address list import

Create your newsletter distribution list quickly and easily by importing an email address list directly.


These features and more are part of the extra benefits available to doomby members with a subscription to doombyPLUS, to help make a website even better.


To register for doombyPLUS:


  • if you're already a doomby member, click directly on the doombyPLUS link from your member zone.