What is doombyPLUS?

doombyPLUS extends the services included with all free doomby accounts, and provides great additional features as well. For a small annual fee, doombyPLUS will enable you to remove all advertizing from your website, increased your online website storage capacity to 2.5GB (the free doomby version comes with 250MB of storage), sort your links and photos by category, an increase in the maximum number of images in your photo album, along with a host of other great benefits.


How much does doombyPLUS cost?

An annual subscription to doombyPLUS costs just €45.


How do I get doombyPLUS?

Before you can subscribe to doombyPLUS, you'll need head to and sign up for a free account to make a website. Once you've registered, just click on the doombyPLUS menu from your site manager zone (your online website administration tool).


How do I add doombyPLUS to my website?

You can add doombyPLUS to your website at any time from your site manager, using a charge, credit or debit card, or by bank (wire) transfer. 



Can I get my own domain name?

Absolutely. You can add a personalized domain name to your doombyPLUS account - the two services are compatible, though separate, options.

Domain name registration or transfers and their configuration is all automated, right from the site manager. Adding your own domain name to your website gives it an address that's easier for visitors to remember (like, and is perfect for customized search engine results.