Add a Domain Name

What does a Domain Name do for me?

Adding a personalized domain name to your doomby website will let your visitors use a much simpler, more easily remembered address like (or .net, .biz etc.) instead of For businesses, it's also a much more professional way of creating an online presence and building confidence in your brand.

A domain name can also help with getting referenced by search engines.


An all-inclusive domain name option

° Availability check

You can see instantly whether the domain name you want is available or not.

° Domain name registration

doomby registers your domain name with a certified registrar.

° Server configuration

The domain name will be activated and configured on our servers, automatically, to "point" to your site.

° POP e-mail addresses linked to the domain name

In your site manager, you can create up to ten POP e-mail accounts (so you can access your e-mails using your usual e-mail application) that are linked to your domain name, like

How much does the domain name option cost?

Register or transfer your domain name for just €35/year.

Note that the domain name option is a separate service from doombyPLUS, though the two services are compatible and complement each other.


How do I get a domain name?

The first thing you'll need is to sign up for a free account with doomby, so you can make a website. Once your site is created, just head to the Domain name menu from your online website administration tool (the site manager) and follow the instructions.


How do I pay for doombyPLUS?

Get your domain name at any time - pay by charge, credit or debit card, or by inter-bank (wire) transfer.